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What to expect: Stacking Rings lesson

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Thinking about taking one of my silver jewellery classes but not sure which one is for you? This blog is for you!

Stacking Rings has been my number 1 class from the get go! Perfect for beginners, we spend a few hours creating a trio of rings unique to you.

Each session starts with a health and safety brief - we'll be using tools and flames which can be a bit nerve wracking for newbies but I'll explain each one and what to watch out for. Then we will work out our ring size, if you want to make your stacking rings for someone else, do find this info out before the class. We'll cut a piece of sterling silver wire, shape it and solder the ends together using a jewellers torch. Once that is joined and polished you'll have your first ring!

Then it gets a bit noisy! I bring a variety of hammers and stamps for you to add textures to your rings. We'll practise on some copper so you can experiment with the different effects before choosing your favourite for your other rings. We'll polish these and then you should have a beautiful set of silver stacking rings, handmade by you and completely one of a kind!

You can see my latest dates on the lesson page, click here. Think this would be a great gift? You can purchase a gift voucher to be used for a class - great if you don't want to commit your friend to a specific date but want to gift an experience, find them here

The class is a great way to spend a creative few hours and you'll be able to walk away showing off your new creations. They would be great for a mother-daughter day, a birthday activity or a bit of me time.

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