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Topaz Rain Drop Pendant

Topaz Rain Drop Pendant

The Topaz Rain Drop Pendant,  combining the timeless beauty of sterling silver with the deep, captivating allure of London Blue Topaz.


Inspired by the gentle beauty of a raindrop, this pendant features a  sleek, teardrop shape with a small, round London Blue Topaz gemstone. Known for its deep, mesmerizing blue hue, this gemstone adds a touch of color and luxury to the piece. The topaz is set in a bezel setting, ensuring it is secure while highlighting its natural brilliance.


Crafted from sterling silver, this pendant has a smooth, polished surface and hangs from a 45cm chain. 


This rain drop pendant makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for any special occasion. The additon of the Topaz makes it perfect for anyone special with a November birthday.


There is also a beautiful pair of earrings to complement this pendant - find them here:


Topaz Drop Earrings


    Rain and Shine Launch Offer

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