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A Statement Engagement Ring

As part of the Diploma in Fine Jewellery, one of the final projects was to create a beautiful statement engagement ring. Featuring a beautiful centre stone, surrounded by accent stones and with a hand drawn and cut flower shape.

It started life as some sheet metal and ended up a stunner.

Silver, gold, CZs and a gorgeous Labradorite for the centre. The flower shape is hand drawn and sawn out of the silver and gold. The silver one was domed so the ring has a bit of height to it and to create space for the centre stone to sit in. The gold flower has 8 little tubes soldered to it to hold the outer stones and then 4 wires to hold the centre stone in place.

It went through some really ugly stages before coming together at the end!

All in I think there are about 32 joins which is an awful lot! You need to heat the piece up each time you create a join but there is a risk that with that heat, the previous joins may come undone!

It was a proper challenge but so worth it.

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