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How to find your ring size

Updated: Apr 2

Looking for a new ring but not sure on your size? Here are my tips and tricks to help you find your ideal ring size!

Your ring should be a comfortable fit with a bit of resistance around the knuckle. Too small and it'll be uncomfortable or worse - unwearable. Too big and it'll be annoying to wear or could even fall off.

When to measure?

Take a couple of measurements throughout the day - your fingers can change size so try to get an average.

How to measure?

  • Get a ring sizer - you can get an adjustable plastic ring sizer from my store (this also comes with a code to redeem against your purchase of a real ring!) They are really simple to use, just make it into a ring and then tighten to fit

  • A piece of string - wrap around your finger and then measure the string. There are charts online that you can use to convert this measurement into a letter size (or you can just send me the measurement!) Try not to use anything with any stretch.

  • Visit a jewellers - you can get your fingers measured with a ring gauge, any local jeweller could help you with this.

  • Got a ring that fits perfectly? You can use the chart below to help you work out your size

Do keep in mind, if you are wanting a chunkier band (or a stack of several rings) you might need to size up - measure where it will sit on the finger rather that the base of the finger.

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