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Jewellery Care

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

We all need a bit of TLC every now and then, and that includes your jewellery! Keeping your jewellery clean and polished is important to keep it looking it’s best and even more so when clean hands are so vital. Pieces you wear everyday can become dirt magnets and unworn jewellery can be prone to tarnish.

Here are some quick tips to make sure your jewellery looks amazing.

Take the time to examine your jewellery and make sure there are no loose stones, these may need to be reset to ensure they don’t fall out.

You can give most pieces a wash in warm water with a gentle soap. Take care with pieces with stones especially opals or pearls and pieces with oxidation. A soft toothbrush can be useful for getting into any little crevices for example around stone settings or textured parts. Rinse with warm water and then dry with a soft cloth.

A silver polishing cloth is an essential item! These are soft cloths that have polishing chemicals applied already. Used gently these remove tarnish and restore shine.

There are lots of “alternative” methods for jewellery cleaning involving household products, it is wise to avoid these as they can be too harsh or abrasive and therefore damage your pieces.

Once you’ve got everything nice and shiny again, make sure you keep it stored safely to keep tarnish to a minimum and avoid any damage. I like to have mine out on display but that does mean that I need to clean it more frequently. Ideally your jewellery would be stored in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. Adding a piece of chalk or one of those little silica gel pouches will help to reduce moisture and can slow the tarnishing process.

Wearing your jewellery regularly can help to keep it’s shine but please make sure it is removed when doing anything strenuous or involving chemicals!

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