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I have always loved making things.


It goes back to learning to sew as a child with my granny. I took textiles at school

(metal work never crossed my mind!) and my teacher leant me a book about fabric

jewellery. That and a bracelet in a magazine led me to jewellery making. I couldn't afford

the bracelet so I thought I'd have a go myself... Needless to say it wasn't great. I

experimented with beads and textiles until I found a course at London Jewellery School

- this was a 5 day intensive course which included 2 days of metal clay. I hadn't

considered working with metal until then but I loved it!

Since then I have completed a Diploma in Silver Jewellery at the London Jewellery School and a Diploma in Fine Jewellery. I'll be starting the Advanced Jewellery Diploma soon. There is so much to learn about jewellery making and I love finding new challenges, especially new stone setting methods (any excuse to be able to buy gemstones!)

There is a strong celestial theme to my work - I love a star, a little twinkle and a bit of darkness. I also like to take inspiration from natural forms - leaves, icicles and weathered stone, I love the organic, irregular textures.  


I create my jewellery at my studio in Pocklington, East Yorkshire. I love to create pieces that will be cherished, pieces to be given for a special occasion and that can become future heirlooms.

I also love to pass on my jewellery making skills and teach a range of beginner classes in Pocklington. It is always amazing to see a group start from scratch and leave wearing something they have created.


It would be great to keep in touch - you can sign up to my newsletter here, I share my latest class dates and notes from the jewellers bench - a sneak behind the scenes at how things are made, what I'm creating and how much of a mess my bench is (spoiler: it's always a mess)

If you'd like to see some of my creations, you can shop the my current designs here or view my past commissions here

Take care

Tori x

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