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Private Tuition

Can't make any of the listed classes? Want to make something specific but don't see it listed? Private tuition might be right for you! Available in half day or full day blocks, you can use the time to suit you. If you haven't been to the studio before (or it's been a while), we'll have a full run through of the safety procedures and an explanation of the tools and materials we'll be using. We can then get cracking with the project and make something beautiful! 


Half day - £250

Full day - £420

Materials are not included in the tuition fee, we can discuss this before finalising your booking and I can either supply them or you can provide your own. Basic consumables like flux and solder is included.

If you are thinking of booking a class as a party, I have kits for up to 6 people (I could accommodate more but the class will take longer) 

If you'd like to spread the cost out, do let me know. The balance will need to be settled at least 7 days before the class takes place.


M had had some experience with jewellery making a few years ago and got in touch for some guided tuition through a cufflinks project. We actually ended up making two pairs - one with a chain and toggle style closure, all created by him and one pair using a premade cufflink fitting. Both pairs had lovely texture across the face of the cufflink.

Metal Clay 

L wanted to play with Silver Metal Clay (which wasn't a technique I taught) We had a couple of shorter sessions and covered a range of techniques including texturing the clay, layering the clay, how to make moulds and setting stones.



L has done a couple of classes with me and wanted to make a set of bangles for her granddaughter in Spain. The little girl is in love with Nanas bangles and the noise they made but now she has her own set to wear. We also made a pair of drop earrings, because why not?!


Ring Making

G booked a class for her friends birthday party, they had a lovely lunch in Pocklington before hand and spent the afternoon together making beautiful rings.

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