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Plastic Ring Sizer

Plastic Ring Sizer

Want a ring but unsure of your size? These plastic ring sizers are great, really easy to use and you can adjust it to find the most comfortable fit. They are adjustable so you can use it over and over again. 


Make sure that the ring sizer fits over the knuckle and isn't too tight or too loose on the finger. You may want to take your size at different points of the day to figure out the best fit too.


Think you are a half size? Some times you'll sit inbetween the two letters and that is absolutly fine. I don't always have half sizes listed on the rings but do reach out if that's a better fit for you!


When you have found the perfect fit, you can order one of my rings and the cost of the sizer can be refunded from the ring purchase!


You can find all the rings here:



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