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Jewellers Academy Business Bootcamp

This year is going to be an exciting one for my jewellery empire. It's been a hobby then a side hustle then a part time thing... then in September I left my job to pursue it full time! This has been amazing so far, enabling me to get set up to run classes, work on new collections and work through my Diploma in Fine Jewellery.

Starting on Friday 11 February, I'm going to be working through the Jewellery Business Bootcamp. This is an intensive 8 week programme from Jewellers Academy and is designed to give complete training in launching, growing and scaling the jewellery business of your dreams 💭

There will be weekly online training sessions with downloadable workbooks, plus live weekly Q&As and co-working sessions. There’s also a super supportive Facebook group to meet fellow Bootcampers and help each other to stay accountable. This is something I'll be making good use of, someone to keep me on track!

If you are a fellow jeweller reading and you'd like to take part to, the link to sign up is here:

Join Bootcamp 2022 or use the code TORI22 at the checkout

This is an affiliated link and I will receive a thank you payment if you use it. I have already completed courses with Jewellers Academy as a student and I would highly recommend them, paid or not! If that doesn't sit right for you, the unaffiliated link is here

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