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My Favourite Jewellery Making Tools

You can't be a jeweller without a tool buying habit. In reality, you don't need a lot to get started but there are so many nice to haves! Here are my current favourite tools

  1. Piercing Saw and Bench Peg - my most important tools, I use these in every piece.

2. My favourite hammer -  I use this to add texture to my moon collection. I love the dimpled effect it gives but it is quite noisy. Sorry neighbours!

3. Last but not least, these strange things are my favourite way to finish a piece of jewellery. The technical name is a frosting wheel or flick mop - both great names. They give a lovely satin finish which I tend to use on the backs of pendants.

If you'd like to get more behind the scenes, pop your name on the mailing list. This post is from one of my Notes from the Jewellers Bench newsletters where I share some jewellery making secrets.

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