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My Jewellery Making Journey

My jewellery making journey started in my teens, with a bracelet I wanted but couldn't afford. I had a go at making one myself, it wasn't great! It obviously sparked something as since then I've tried many different techniques. My early years were textiles, beads and found objects based. I love learning and booked myself onto a course at London Jewellery School for a week of intense jewellery skills. 2 days of which were working with silver clay. Working with metal hadn't really crossed my mind until then but I loved it!

After that I found an evening class in my hometown. In our first lesson we made a plain silver band, I still think its magical being able to take a piece of metal and make a piece of jewellery! I love rings but could never find cool designs that fit. Problem solved when you can create yourself bespoke rings! The next few lessons were stone settin

g and that was me hooked. Shiny metal and pretty coloured stones... what's not to love?

Once I had run out of fingers for all my pretty rings I decided it was time to push myself. I enrolled in another LJS course, this time a Silver Diploma. This built on what I had already learned but took it to a much higher quality and was a massive confidence boost.

​I started teaching beginners silver and some stone setting classes, I love being able to pass on skills, I find it so rewarding. I also think it’s important to keep on developing my skills so I like to create designs that will challenge my making abilities and am enrolled in a Fine Jewellery Diploma.

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