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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

My recycled studs are one of my earliest makes! My ears are very fussy, and they do not like cheap earrings. I wanted some simple studs I could wear for work but struggled to find some that were made with “proper” metal.

When making silver jewellery, depending on the project you can end up with off cuts that wouldn’t be easily used in your next piece. One of the joys of working with metal is that you can melt it down and rework it, this is excellent to keep in mind when just starting out as it takes some of the fear away!

After a few lessons at my silver class I had ended up with a little scrap metal pile. One of the lovely ladies I sat next to said I should have a go at melting it into blobs and so that’s what I did! When melting the silver, it forms a ball. I added earring posts and backs and made them nice and shiny, and there we have it, lovely silver studs perfect for work. I also wear them in my second piercing if I’m also wearing something jazzy.

Want to see a pair being made?!

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