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Jewellery Making Classes this Spring

Whether you are looking for a new hobby for 2024 or just something different to try for a few hours, take a look at my workshop dates below. Jewellery making is a fab creative outlet, therapeutic and great fun!

January Dates

28th - 10-1 - Silver Bangle

28th - 2-5 - Infinity Pendant

February Dates

11th - 10-1 - Love Token Pendant - a silver heart charm ready for Valentines - other shapes are available!

11th - 2-5 - Stacking Rings - sold out

March Dates

3rd - 10-5 - Gemstone Pendant - learn how to bezel set stones

17th - 10:30-1 - Copper Pendant

More classes!

I’ve also got some great classes coming up at Silver and Stone Studios at Ricall.

2nd March - Wax Carve a Ring - Wax carving is a fab way to create really unique designs.

20th April - Trio of Copper Mushrooms - something a little different, not jewellery this time! Learn how to dome metal to create some cute little mushrooms to pop in your houseplants or garden.

1st June - Tube Set Ring - My favourite way to set stones, the tube set ring is a lovely project to get you started with setting sparkly, faceted stones.


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