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Jewellery Workshops in East Yorkshire

Thinking about learning how to make your own silver jewellery? Here are my class dates from April - July 2024


14th - 10am - Infinity Pendant

14th - 2pm - Stacking Rings

28th - 10am - Make a Silver Ring

28th - 2pm - Silver Pebble Ring


12th - 10am - Stacking Rings

12th - 2pm - Silver Earrings

19th - 10am - Silver Pendant

19th - 2pm - Make a Silver Ring

26th - 10am - Wax Carve a Ring

26th - 2:30pm - Pebble Stacking Ring


9th - 10am - Gemstone Pendant

30th - 10am - Stacking Rings 

30th - 2pm - Silver Bangle


6th and 7th - 10am - Beginners Silver Weekend

29th - 10am - Sparkle Stacking Ring

Do you want to be the first to find out when the new dates go live? Add your details to the VIP List - you get first access plus 10% off your first jewellery order and exclusive behind the scenes sneak peeks.

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