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Silver Bangle Making Classes in Pocklington

Have you always wanted to make your own jewellery? Why not try a Silver Bangle class in Pocklington?

Learn how to work with silver and walk away wearing a bespoke bangle!

Perfect for beginners

The Silver Bangle class is one of my taster classes, a short introduction into jewellery making. No experience is needed, just turn up ready to get creative!

What to expect

We start with an intro to the class and a chat about safety, there will be fire and tools which can be a bit nerve wracking for newbies but I'll explain each one and what to watch out for. Then we'll figure out your size - one of the great things about making your own jewellery is you know it will be the perfect fit. We'll experiment with textures on some copper before you commit to your favourite on the silver. This will then be soldered into a solid bangle before getting polished so it's super shiny ready to be shown off to everyone you see!

"Just done my first class with Tori, great instruction and really enjoyed the class everyone came away with lovely pieces of jewellery all very different too." – Lesley - Stacking Rings Class

Small class sizes

I keep the classes small so there is plenty of time to ask questions and we don't feel rushed. I'll encourage you to experiment and have fun, adding your own spin on the project.

What have previous students created?

Want to make your own? Take a look at my Lessons page for the latest dates.

You can also sign up to my newsletter to be the first to find out when new class dates go live

Think this would be a great gift? You can purchase a gift voucher to be used for a class - great if you don't want to commit your friend to a specific date but want to gift an experience, find them here

A jewellery making class is a great way to spend a creative few hours and you'll be able to walk away showing off your new creations. A great activity for a mother-daughter day, a hen-do or just a bit of me time.

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