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Summer Jewellery Essentials

Got a summer holiday booked? Pack some key jewellery pieces to keep you looking stylish throughout your break.

Stacking Rings

I am normally in the More Rings Is Best camp but in the heat , my hands have other ideas. Stacking rings can be more comfortable to wear with the thinner ring band and you can always spread the stack out over different fingers if it gets a bit hot.

Featured here: Dotty Stacking Ring - Coming Soon!

Pebble Stacking Ring - Coming Soon!

Disc Stacking Ring - Coming Soon!

Moonstone Ring - Coming Soon!

During the day you might not want anything too flashy but still want to feel like your outfit is complete, pop in a pair of simple silver studs and get out into the sunshine.

Pictured here: Dot Studs

A Statement Necklace

Finish off that evening outfit with a bold necklace.

Pictured here: The Sun Necklace

A Necklace That Goes With Everything

Luggage space is a premium so take a necklace that will just work with everything.

Pictured here: Bottom - Orbit Pendant

Top - Mini Orbit Pendant - Coming Soon!

A simple storage solution – I love the little jewellery holders from Lisa Angel. They keep everything organised, look beautiful and don’t take up much room.

A cleaning cloth – you might notice that your jewellery looks a bit grubby on holiday. This can be a combination of heat, sweat, suncream and the swimming pool causing your jewellery to tarnish quicker. Pop a little cleaning cloth in your holder to tart things up on the go.

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