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What to Expect: Silver Pendant Class

Are you thinking of booking on to a jewellery class but not sure which one you want to do? Find out more about the Silver Pendant Class below.

This class is perfect for a beginner and brilliant if you are a bit nervous about using a jewellers torch - the pendant can be created with out the need for a flame. Each session starts with a safety brief - we'll be using lots of different tools and these need to be used with care, I'll explain each one and what to watch out for so you can feel confident with them.

We will spend some time practising with copper - your pendant will need to be cut out of the metal. For this, we use a jewellers piercing saw. This needs a slow, gentle touch and we will run through some exercises to get you used to the sawing motion and how to cut a line, curve and a corner. Copper is also perfect for experimenting with before you commit to your silver piece so we will use this to try out the texturing hammers and pattern stamps. This is where it gets a little bit noisy!

Once you have had a play around and practised your techniques, it's time to chose your final design. I will bring some stencils and some templates for you to use so you can decide on the day. You can come with a design ready (do drop me a message to check it will work and that it's the right size!) or sketch one out during the class. We will transfer this on to the sterling silver sheet and then start to saw it out. Expect a few broken saw blades while you are still getting to grips with the saw!

You can then add your chosen texture or pattern before we refine the pendant, we don't want any sharp areas so we will spend some time using metal files to smooth the piece. You also need to consider where you will attach the chain, we will drill a small hole to thread a loop through. The pendant will need a polish to make it super shiny and you can add the chain and clasp. Your new necklace will then be ready for you to wear and show off your handiwork.

Some gorgeous examples of pendants made in classes. The heart and the leaf have both have a little bit of copper soldered on to them and the long shape is a great example of how you can create a simple but beautiful pendant with out any soldering. This was then given as a secret Santa present - I would have loved to receive it!

If you've decided the Silver Pendant Class is for you, you can find my current dates here: Class Dates

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I can also take bookings for private classes which are great for birthday parties or a hen do with a difference - drop me an email if you'd like to know more

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