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Gift Vouchers Make the Best Presents

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift or have you just left it a bit too late to get it posted out? Why not opt for a gift voucher – available in paper form or digital to print out at home.

A dark haired woman holds a paper gift voucher for Tori Foster Jewellery with a white envelope

Use for a class

A voucher for a class is the perfect way to gift it, you don’t need to worry about what date to choose, if your friend is free or if they’d prefer to make rings or a pendant!

Or for a piece of jewellery

Are you stuck between two pieces and not sure which they’d wear more? Or can’t remember if they have their ears pierced? A voucher will get them to make that choice.

Choose your budget

Have they spotted their favourite piece but it’s a bit out of budget? Vouchers are a lovely way to put some money towards a bigger ticket item.

Use it on whatever they want

Do you always buy them a pair of studs but they are desperate for a pendant they can wear every day? Let them make the big decisions and find the perfect piece for their collection.

Perfect if you’ve left it too late

Opt for a digital voucher and I can email it to you to print at home, no need to wait for the postman. I can also fill out and post a paper version straight to the recipient if you prefer.

Ready to purchase? The button below will take you to the shop, choose your amount and off you go, present sorted!

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